G.8032 SEP Landscape

Cubicibuc’s ITU-T G.8032 SEP Landscape report seeks to bring some clarity to the ITU-T G.8032 patent landscape, by:

  • Identifying search criteria in order to identify potentially relevant set of candidate patents (the so-called candidate set)
  • Detailing the results of the searches
  • Technically reviewing the patents
  • Categorising the reviewed patents and estimating an overall size of the SEP landscape

This report is based on a review of patents by Cubicibuc’s technical team.

Cubicibuc’s landscaping methodology is based on established approaches and contains four main steps:

Cubicibuc landscaping process

Search terms are based on multiple criteria, and from multiple sources:

For each patent in the Review Set we reviewed the claim language against the normative text in the technical recommendation. In our analysis we describe, in a few sentences, the basis of our conclusion and where appropriate the section of the ITU-T G.8032 recommendation to which the patent maps.

Essentiality assessment categoriesDescription
1 – Potentially EssentialPotentially Technically Essential – all elements of the claim language map to normative text in the G.8032 technical recommendation
2 – RelevantNot technically essential – not fully mapped to normative text.
Possibly relevant. May relate to implementations.
3 – Not relevantNot technically essential – not relevant to G.8032.

Our technical analysis demonstrates that not all of the patents identified by our patent search are potentially essential.

Companies included in the analysis (Alphabetical order)
Accedian Networks
Alaxala Networks
Alcatel Lucent
Apresia Systems Limited
Beckhoff Automation
ECI Telecom
Enginuity Comm Corp
Extreme Networks
Fujitsu Ltd
Genesis Tech Sys
Hirschmann Automation and Control
Juniper Networks
Nokia Siemens Netowrks
Provenance Asset Group
RPX Clearinghouse
Siemens AG
Telefon AB LM Ericsson
Tejas Networks
WSOU Investments
ZTE Corp

The results of our analysis are captured in Cubicibuc’s ITU-T G.8032 SEP Landscape report.

For more information about our reports, to purchase copies, or to request specific analysis, please get in touch.