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Dedicated to providing pragmatic commercial and technical advice.

Cubicibuc Limited was established in 2015 as an independent technical consulting firm specializing in matters relating to Intellectual Property.

Cubicibuc is built on experience from over 20 years’ providing technical and commercial IP services to clients in a range of sectors and geographies.

We believe good IP management allows business to protect its competitive advantage; to generate returns on R&D investment and to secure investment and finance. Modern businesses neglect their IP assets at their risk as poor IP management gives away value and reduces barriers to entry for competitors compromising the organization’s capabilities.

To manage IP well business must adopt a combination of commercial, legal and technical expertise – but always with a pragmatic focus to actively manage and exploit the IP in a manner that brings benefits to the business.

Great Intellectual Property management that protects value

Cubicibuc supports its clients by:

We work with businesses ranging from smaller start-ups to mature multinationals; from early stage invention capture through to exploitation and monetisation of IP assets.

Cubicibuc provides expert IP support, patent evaluation, landscaping and expert witness in a range of technologies including telecommunications and consumer electronics, automotive, and semicon.

To discuss how Cubicibuc’s expertise can help your organisation manage and exploit IP, please contact us now: info@cubicibuc.com