Scavenging SEPs from washing machines…

As automotive companies continue to struggle with semiconductor supply chain issues, it was reported recently that some car makers were resorting to “scavenging chips from washing machines” (Bloomberg, 21 April 2022 –

While it’s not clear if this was speculation by the press, contingency planning by the OEMs, or actually put into action, consider for a moment the patent licensing question this might raise if the chips in question were 4G or 5G baseband chips.

Patent licensing platform Avanci seeks $15 per vehicle for 4G; and while it is yet to announce a price for IoT end products it seems reasonable to expect IoT and white goods will attract a lower rate.

However, if manufacturers feel confident about stripping chips from retail products, that are presumably licensed products (and hence exhausted patents), and use them in alternative applications, doesn’t this challenge the price discrepancies on the basis of end use?

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