IAM Recognizes Graham Bell, as one of the World’s Foremost IP Strategists in 2021

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London (31August 2021) – The world’s pre-eminent IP strategists have been named in the latest edition of IAM Strategy 300: The World’s Leading IP Strategists, published online by IAM and free to access. The unique guide lists the individuals that in-depth research, undertaken by a team based in London, Washington DC and Hong Kong, has shown to possess world-class skills in the development and roll-out of strategies that maximise the value of patents, copyright, trademarks and other IP rights.

The IAM research team spoke to a wide range of senior corporate IP managers in North America, Europe and Asia, as well as third-party IP service providers, in order to identify these IP leaders: men and women whose business is the creation, development and deployment of strategies that enable IP owners to gain maximum value from their portfolios. Only those individuals nominated multiple times by different parties as outstanding IP strategists are listed in the IAM Strategy 300.

For the seventh year, Cubicibuc’s Director, Mr Graham Bell has been named in the IAM Strategy 300 – The World’s Leading IP Strategists. Graham has extensive international experience advising clients in the development, application and exploitation of technology with a core focus in telecommunications and consumer electronics. Graham advises clients on IP strategy, patent acquisitions and licensing, including issues around FRAND licensing commitments in standards-based technologies.

IAM says: “Graham Bell has the ideal mix of patent, technical and commercial skills and puts them to use optimally, giving his clients a practical and efficient service that is neatly tailored to their needs. He’s also hailed as a top expert on SEPs.”

Graham is also an Industrial Fellow with the Innovation and IP Management (IIPM) group within the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) at the University of Cambridge. Graham is involved in the development of IP Strategy toolsets to enable businesses to build effective IP strategies. Having a proactive IP Strategy tightly aligned with organisational goals is key to maximising the value created in IP-centric businesses and is a crucial element to an organisations’ ability to sustain innovation.