Standard Essential Patents and FRAND





Standard Essential Patents and FRAND: What Every IP Attorney and In-house Counsel Should Know

The development and licensing of Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) underpin so many aspects of modern life—from wireless telephony to Wi-Fi to connected cars and the internet of things—that it is very easy to underappreciate the complexity of the rules and practices that govern SEP. As the speed at which technologies converge increases, more and more sectors are adopting standards-based technologies for connectivity and interoperability. It is more important than ever for licensors and licensees to know the facts and necessary behaviors required to navigate the risks. Pulling together technology management, intellectual property, business, economics, and politics, this is one of the most interdisciplinary fields of law.

This seminar is designed for IP attorneys, licensing professionals, and technologists interested in gaining valuable insights into Standard Essential Patents and FRAND: the why and how of SEP development and FRAND licensing. It will be taught by a renowned former jurist, a respected licensing executive, and an innovative IP strategist who will bring their perspectives to bear on this fascinating field.

Graham Bell, Director, Cubicibuc Limited
David L. Cohen President David L. Cohen, P.C./Kidon IP Corporation
Hon. Randall R. Rader (ret.) Former Chief Judge U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit












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