Standard Essential Patents: What Every IP Attorney and In-house Counsel Should Know

        The development and licensing of Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) underpin so many aspects of modern life—from wireless telephony to Wi-Fi to connected cars and the internet of things—that it is very easy to underappreciate the complexity of the rules and practices that govern SEP. As the speed […]

Privacy Policy

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Cubicibuc Limited (‘Cubicibuc’) is committed to respecting the privacy of visitors to our website, our clients, suppliers, partners, and others who we contact. This Privacy Policy sets out how we collect and use personal data; how we protect this information; and what your rights are in relation to the information […]

Meet us at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


                  Arrange a one-to-one meeting with Cubicibuc to discuss issues of SEPs, FRAND licensing @ MWC. Cubiciubuc continues to support a range of clients with issues relating to patent and technology licensing in the mobile space. We have over 15 years’ experience […]

LTE SEP Strength

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CUBICIBUC announces the launch of its LTE SEP analysis Patent valuation for SEP’s is the subject of much heated debate amongst patent holders and implementers, and is a taxing issue for Courts and regulators worldwide. Negotiations in SEP licensing in the telecoms sector have invariably relied on some kind of […]

Approaches to Valuation

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A robust valuation with a transparent methodology allows the business owners to make informed decisions about the direction of the organization in terms of IP creation, management and exploitation. A clear valuation also allows business owners to present the value of the organization to potential investor and acquirers. Read more: Cubicibuc […]