Understanding FRAND in the Automotive Sector


Unpicking FRAND for the Automotive Sector The automotive industry is beginning to see major benefits of connectivity with potentially revolutionary prospects. Yet this success brings the interest of players not traditionally engaged with the automotive sector, including patent holders, licensors and non-practicing entities making claims on patented technologies. Download the […]

Unwired Planet v Huawei – Lessons for FRAND compliance

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5 April 2017, the UK High Court handed down the much-anticipated judgement in the Unwired Planet v Huawei FRAND trial. The case involved patents claimed to be technically essential to standardised technologies for mobile communications: 2G (GSM), 3G (UMTS/WCDMA) and 4G (LTE). We are pleased to see the Court recognises […]

Cubicibuc speaks at Global IP Conclave in Mumbai, November 2016


Cubicibuc’s Director Graham Bell spoke at Legal Era’s Global IP Conclave in Mumbai, November 2016. Graham addressed the topic of “FRAND in the time of global competition” and gave an overview of how standards essential IPRs are an inevitable consequence of complex modern standards. Graham also spoke of the need […]