Co-creating the future of IP management with the University of Cambridge

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Cubicibuc is collaborating with the Innovation and IP Management (IIPM) group at the University of Cambridge, co-creating the future of IP management with a particular focus on IP Strategy and the supporting toolsets.

IP management for effective innovation and strategising is on the cusp of transformation, driven by data and novel technologies such as analytics, visualisation, AI and machine learning.

This initiative brings together industrial practitioners and academic experts to reinvent IP management. Together we will be co-creating the future of IP management: methodologies, decision tools and novel solutions for IP management in an interactive format.

We are initially focusing on:

  • Roadmapping as a tool for developing IP strategy
  • AI and machine learning for better IP decision-making

During the development of commercial versions of these tools we have been running pilot workshops with various companies, including: Tribosonics (a Sheffield based ultrasonic company); and two winners of the Trinity Bradfield Prize 2019 IsoTagit (an innovative anti-counterfeiting platform offering end-to-end certifiable, encrypted evidence of who, when and where a product was scanned) and Inferina (an AI start-up that has developed the DreamFlow software, offering a breakthrough in cutting-edge self-learning AI research).

For more information on how we are co-creating the future of IP management visit the CTM STIM website:

Tools for IP strategy development:

Link to Tribosonics workshop: