Cubicibuc speaks at World IP Forum in New Delhi

IP Strategy @ World IP Forum in New Delhi

World IP Forum took place between the 14th and 16th November 2018 at Hotel Pullman in New Delhi, Aerocity. The theme for the conference was ‘Global Innovation 2020: A Strategic Vision for Economic Growth’, and Cubicibuc’s director, Mr Graham Bell spoke on the topic of “Aligning IP as part of wider strategy within business”.

“The World IP Forum attracts a great mix of IP professionals,
and has a broad agenda touching all aspects of IP management in a global context”

– Graham Bell, Dec 2018

The need for alignment and integration

The need for tight integration of IP within the wider strategy is a key concern to business looking to ensure they protect their investments in building strong portfolios, while maintaining control on of the spend and direction of those costs.

It is Cubicibuc’s view that corporate strategy with a generic boiler-plate approach to IP risks missing opportunities, losing sustainability and weakening returns on investment.

Strategy should be the selection of a unique and valuable proposition rooted in the system of activities that is difficult for competitors to imitate, and gives the organisation a “sense of direction”.

Strategic thinking considers the performance of such systems and activities in their entirety. It is a way of thinking that reflects on how all these activities connect and relate to each other in achieving the objectives or mission of the organisation. Organisations must ask not only how its activities work together, but also how they can be aligned, combined or performed differently to deliver a product or service of distinct value to the market.

Where next?

We believe the IP industry needs to develop tool-kits that allow companies to include IP in the conversations when building strategies. Longer term, we must support the education of business – at all levels – to have a basic understanding of IP at least to the level of appreciating the inherent value in company assets to ensure value does not leak.

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