Using a partnership agreement to build trust within collaborative-partnerships

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Using Partnership Agreements as a framework to build trust within teams involved in collaborative partnerships Companies recognise that they can’t and shouldn’t try to be good at everything. Faced with challenges of escalating costs of R&D and investments in NPD companies increasingly look to externalise activities through partnerships, open innovation […]

SEP landscape reports

Cubicibuc provides a range of patent landscape reports, covering the SEP landscape for standards-based technologies. Our reports are built on established methodologies, and transparent approaches – ensuring independence of analysis. Cubicibuc’s reports cover a range of standards including: 2G / GSM – First published in January 2017 3G / UMTS […]

Open Innovation & Intellectual Property

May 2020: Through our on-going engagement with Cambridge University (IfM ECS) we have recently kicked-off a 12-month project to study Open Innovation & Intellectual Property – barriers and enables for SMEs across Europe. The project is called POINT and is funded by the EASME. More info about POINT can be […]