Is innovation missing from IP strategy?

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Is innovation missing from IP strategy? Strategy is the selection of a unique and valuable proposition rooted in the system of activities that is difficult for competitors to imitate, and gives the organisation a “sense of direction”. Corporate strategy with a generic boiler-plate approach to IP risks missing opportunities, losing […]

Understanding FRAND in the Automotive Sector


Unpicking FRAND for the Automotive Sector The automotive industry is beginning to see major benefits of connectivity with potentially revolutionary prospects. Yet this success brings the interest of players not traditionally engaged with the automotive sector, including patent holders, licensors and non-practicing entities making claims on patented technologies. Download the […]

Meet us at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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Arrange a one-to-one meeting with Cubicibuc to discuss issues of SEPs, FRAND licensing @ MWC. Cubiciubuc continues to support a range of clients with issues relating to patent and technology licensing in the mobile space. We have over 15 years’ experience in advising clients on matters relating to standards essential […]

Cubicibuc speaks at World IP Forum, Dubai 2018


January 2018: CUBICIBUC’s director Graham Bell, spoke at the World IP Forum in Dubai. Graham was part of a panel session at the WIPF 2018 discussing “Aligning IP strategy with business goals”. The other experts on the panel included: Hady Khawand, Partner, Saba Intellectual Property (UAE), Kate O’Rourke, Senior Counsel, Charles […]

IAM Recognizes Graham Bell, Director of Cubicibuc as one of the World’s Foremost IP Strategists (2017)


June 2017, for the third year, Graham has been named in the IAM Strategy 300 – The World’s Leading IP Strategists. In announcing the IAM Strategy 300 on his blog, Joff Wild noted that “These world-class IP strategists do not see issues from just one perspective; instead, they view things […]

Managing the IP risks associated with enabling connectivity in IoT devices

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Managing the IP risks associated with enabling connectivity in IoT devices The headlines are buzzing with excitement over the potential benefits of the “Internet of Things” (IoT), and how new services will be created when “things” are connected. Given the relative commoditised state of communications technology it is easy to […]

Protecting your investments in R&D and New Product Development

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Protecting your investments in R&D and New Product Development Organisations that do not control their IP (generation, capture, management and exploitation) risk investments in R&D and building deliverables that are not commercially attractive. Poor IP management leads to leakage of competitive advantage, real or spurious litigation or loss of product […]

Trade secrets may be your weakest link


Trade secrets may be your weakest link All companies have secrets. Some are technical such as the detailed specification of a manufacturing process; some are business-related such as a list of customer names and addresses, which would be useful to a competitor. Some are of enormous value. The common factor […]